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Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed


Murphy Beds are known for their disappearing act… although they do come out when needed! The Murphy Bed is a great option for homeowners in need of space saving solutions. If you need a space for storage, but do not want to give up a guest room, the Murphy Bed is the perfect option for you and your home.

Stylish and affordable, the Murphy Bed can become a space-saving marvel for a guest room, an office, the den, or even a bedroom. The bed can simply open up when it is ready to be used, and then stored away after the night is through.

Cabinets of any style in whatever configuration fits your home’s needs will be all that is seen by guests during the day. By night, when the Murphy Bed is pulled down, your guests will be amazed to see they have a special place for sleeping at night. A bed no longer has to dominate space in a room, with the Murphy Bed!

The team at More Space Place in Chantilly, VA is ready to help you find space saving solutions. If you need space and a bed, the Murphy Bed is for you! With the right organization, furniture, and design, the team at More Space Place can transform a space in your home! Visit our showroom or contact us for a consultation.